_1 Butterfly Camouflage Vol.1100×100cm2020
_2 Butterfly Camouflage Vol.272.7×72.7cm2020
_3 Experiment of medium specificity No.1 R to Y90.9×72.7cm2020
_4 Experiment of medium specificity No.2 Green90.9×72.7cm2020
_5 Experiment of medium specificity No.3 Blue90.9×72.7cm2020
_6 Experiment of medium specificity No.4 Purple90.9×72.7cm2020
_7 融合 -Synthesis-145.5 × 145.5 cm2020
_8 Synthesis, June. Vol.1116.7×90.9cm2020
_9 Circle - spiral flowers- Vol.1Φ 72cm2020
_10 Sea and Sky -海と宇宙- ウミとソラΦ 72cm2020
_11 Paradigm shiftΦ 72cm2020
_12. Circle -Spiral butterflies- Vol.1Φ 72cm2020
_13 Spring Vol.29F20 72.7×60.6cm 2020
_14 Spiral -flowers and butterflies- Vol.6S40 100.0×100.0cm2020
_15 Spiral -blue butterflies- Vol.5S40 100.0×100.0cm2020
_16 Mirror-floating instant- Vol.1Φ 80cm 6.5kg2020
_17 Mirror-floating instant- Vol.2Φ 80cm 6.5kg2020
_18 Mirror-floating instant- Vol.3Φ 80cm 6.5kg2020
_19 Mirror-floating instant- Vol.4Φ 80cm 6.5kg2020
_21 Mirror -Synthesis- Vol.1各 70×70cm 6.3kg2020
_20 Mirror -Synthesis- Vol.1各 70×70cm 6.3kg2020
secret garden-c Secret Garden 72.7×60.6cm2018
Flowers vol.21s Flowers vol.2172.7×72.7cm2018
Blue-butterfly-vol.1小 a blue butterfly vol.1100×80.3cm2018
Spring-a bubble-vol.2 Spring -a bubble- vol.2 90.9×90.92018
Landscape where is not here vol.11s Landscape where is not here vol.1172.7×72.7cm2018
Landscape where is not here vol.10 Landscape where is not here vol.1072.7×60.6cm2018
Spring vol.18 Spring vol.1872.7×60.6cm2018
Flower pattern -gold-vol.1 Flower pattern -gold- vol.172.7×60.6cm2018
overlap of emotion vol.2 Overlap of emotion vol.280.3×65.2cm 2018
Spring-vol.19 Spring vol.19120×95cm2018
IMG_3445 Floating instant -blue butterfly- vol.10145.5×112.1cm2018
Butterfly tails vol.2 Butterfly tails vol.272.7×60.6cm2018
Mirror-flower and futterfly-no.1b小 Mirror -flower and butterfly- 作品no.181×49cm2018
Mirror-flower and futterfly-no.1.2a小 Mirror -flower and butterfly- no.1, no.281×49cm 2018
Mirror-flowers and butterfly-no.3小 Mirror -flower and butterfly- vol.572.7×72.7cm2018
a'Landscape where is not here vol.12小 Landscape where is not here vol.1272.7×60.6cm2018
Floating instant vol.9 Floating instant vol.972.7×60.6cm2018
Circulation Circulation36×48inch2016
Consecutive moments Consecutive moments18×24inch2016
psyche vol.28 Psyche vol.2814×11inch2016
Summer bouquet summer bouquet 18×24inch2016
flowers vol.8 Flowers vol.816×16inch color on wood panel, silver leaves, rock pigments
rose petals Rose Petals14×11inch2016
landscape of coney island Landscape of Coney Island24×36inch2016
landscape of canyon point vol.2 Landscape of Canyon Point vol.2 22×28inch2016
Summer bouquet summer bouquet18×24inch2016
大竹寛子(Flowers vol.5) Flowers vol.572.7×60.6cm 2015
Consecutive moments Consecutive moments18×24inch2016
Circulation Circulation36×47inch2016
大竹 寛子(完全変態) Metamorphosis 162.0×130.3cm2008
14.poppies poppies33.4×24.3cm2014
Lilies vol.2 Lilies 41×31.8cm2012
かたちの生まれる場所 The form of beginning 90.9×116.7cm2011
25.a bubble a bubble145.5×145.5cm2011
spiral-trmming Spiral162.1×130.3cm2011
Flowing instant vol.2 2013のコピー Floating instant vol.2181.1×227.3cm2013
floating-instant Floating instant181.1×227.3cm2010
N.Yの残像 Delusion181.1×227.3cm2007
修了制作データ 004 Glorious falling181.1×227.3cm2007
Happnes bubbles 2006 Happiness bubbles181.1×227.3cm2006
幸福幻想 Happiness fantasy181.8×227.3cm2005
記憶の残像 Clematis Clematis113.6×181.8cm2008
赤い薔薇の記憶 Memoly of red rose 2008 Memory of red Rose113.6×181.8cm2008
Psyche vol.26a.jpg(100) Psyche vol.26F4 33.3×24.2cm2015
The blue rose The Blue Rose vol.2P6 41.0×27.3cm2015
Psyche gold butterfly vol.15 Psyche Gold butterfly Vol.15P6 41.0×27.3cm2015
SONY DSC 記憶の残像-クレマチス- vol.2P30 65.2×91.0cm2015
Clematis Clematis vol.2F4 24.2×33.3cm2015
Tulip and Butterfly Tulips and butterflyF6 31.8×41.0cm2015
Narcissus NarcissusF6 31.8×41.0cm2015
Lily -males and females- Lily -males and females-F4 33.3×24.2cm2015
Flowers vol.5 Flowers vol.5F20 72.7×60.6cm2015
floating streams 連続する流動的な瞬間181.8×227.3cm2013
Moment which are not here 今ここにはない瞬間F100 162×130.3cm 2013
Blue Rose 蒼の薔薇F10 45.5×53.0cm2014
Psyche vol.2 Psyche vol.2F6 41.0×31.8cm2011
かたちの生まれる場所 The form of beginningF50 91.0×116.7cm2015
バラとグラス Roses and VasesF4 24.2×33.3cm2015
Flowers vol.3 Flowers vol.3F6 41.0×31.8cm2015
Flowers vol.2 Flowers vol.2F4 33.3×24.2cm2015
桜図 vol.2 桜図 vol.2SM 22.7×15.8cm2015
桜図 vol.1 桜図 vol.1SM 15.8×22.7cm2015
Heavy Roses Heavy RosesF4 24.2×33.3cm2014
赤い薔薇の記憶 vol.2 赤い薔薇の記憶 vol.2F20 60.6×72.7cm2015
赤い薔薇とアゲハ図 赤い薔薇とアゲハ図F6 31.8×41.0cm2015
光の蝶 光の蝶M15 65.2×45.5cm2014
花と蝶図 Vol.1 花と蝶図 vol.1F4 24.2×33.3cm2015
White rose bouquet White rose bouquetF6 41.0×31.8cm2014
Spring garden vol.2 Spring Garden Vol.2F4 24.2×33.3cm2014
Specimen Vol.1 Specimen Vol.1F3 27.3×22.0cm2014
Rose and Vases Roses and VasesF10 45.5×53.0cm2014
Red rose bouquet Red rose bouquetF6 41.0×31.8cm2014
Psyche gold butterfly vol.10 Psyche -gold butterfly- Vol.10P10 53.0×41.0cm2015
Psyche gold butterfly vol.9 Psyche -gold butterfly- Vol.9F4 24.2×33.3cm2015
Psyche gold butterfly vol.8 Psyche -gold butterfly- Vol.8F4 24.2×33.3cm2015
Psyche gold butterfly vol.7 Psyche -gold butterfly- Vol.7P10 53.0×41.0cm2014
Psyche gold butterfly vol.6 Psyche -gold butterfly- Vol.6P10 53.0×41.0cm2014
Psyche gold butterfly vol.5 Psyche -gold butterfly- Vol.5M6 41.0×24.2cm2015
Psyche gold butterfly vol.4 Psyche -gold butterfly- Vol.4M6 41.0×24.2cm2015